Is Osteopathy Safe?

Osteopathy is a very safe form of treatment for most people. Of course, like any other type of medical care there are risks. However, under the supervision of an experienced osteopath these risks can be minimized.

This brings us to the next question: what about when we self-treat?

Self-treatment is generally safe when it comes to most issues that an osteopath could treat including but not limited to back pain, injuries in the shoulder and strains. However, if your issue is in any way severe or chronic in nature you should always consult a registered osteopath

Some conditions where self-treatment may be dangerous include: migraines, heart disease, blood clots and epilepsy. Of course, there are many other conditions that osteopathy should not be attempted on which can be looked up online or otherwise

In conclusion, it is always the safest to consult a registered osteopathic before attempting treatment on yourself for any serious issues. Even so, many self-treatable ailments are completely fine and safe to handle at home with the supervision of a medical professional.